Cylindrical Steel Tank Solutions

Our cylindrical steel tank models are manufactured in accordance with BS 799 or EN 12285 for the above-ground storage of diesel and other oils.


Cylindrical Steel Tanks

We offer a wide range of tank options to meet our clients' diverse needs. Our tanks are available in single skinned, double skinned for underground use, or bunded for above ground placement on cradles. These tanks can be customized with multiple compartments to optimize functionality.

Our cylindrical tanks are designed and manufactured to fit any available space and can range from 1m in diameter to 4m in diameter, with a length that meets your specific requirements.

Our Cylindrical Tanks

Cylindrical steel tank
Cylindrical steel tank
Cylindrical steel tank

ATS Tanks, part of WEC Group, offer a variety of tank models, including conventional single skinned tanks, underground tanks, above ground cradle-mounted tanks, tanks with or without end cabinets, and vertical units that require top and tailing during installation.

For added convenience, access ladders and platforms can be pre-fitted upon request. All our ladders are manufactured in accordance with BS 4211: 2005 to ensure safety and quality in the work environment. Contact us today!


Other Fuel Tank Options