Rectangular Bunded Fuel Tanks

ATS Tanks, part of WEC Group, specialises in manufacturing rectangular bunded fuel tanks that adhere to the rigorous British Standards BS799 part 5 type J or K 20210 standard.


Rectangular Bunded Fuel Tank

We work with our customers to design and build bunded fuel tanks to your exacting requirements. Each tank is manufactured by our experienced team of experts and delivered direct to your site.

Our bunded fuel tanks are engineered with an inner storage tank enclosed within a weatherproof outer bund. This design ensures that any potential leaks or overfills are effectively contained, prioritising safety and environmental protection. Additionally, our tanks are customisable in colour, presenting options to suit individual preferences. Available with a full end cabinet, all ancillary equipment (such as dispensing pumps, fuel conditioning units, gauges and alarms) can be securely integrated into the tank unit. This streamlines the installation process and reduces site cost.

Our Bunded Fuel Tank Options

Rectangular bunded fuel tanks

ATS Tanks offers a variety of standard sizes for our bunded fuel tanks in addition to bespoke solutions for any specific requirements. We take pride in delivering high-quality products and exceptional service to our valued customers to ensure your satisfaction.


Other Fuel Tank Options