Why choose a bunded fuel tank?

Choosing a bunded fuel tank offers several advantages, primarily related to safety and environmental protection:


Bunded tanks have a secondary containment system, meaning there's an outer tank (bund) surrounding the inner tank where the fuel is stored. This provides an additional layer of protection against leaks and spills, containing any potential fuel leaks within the bund.

Environmental Protection

In case of a leak or spill, the bunded design helps prevent fuel from seeping into the ground or nearby water sources, reducing the risk of soil and water contamination. This is especially crucial for environmentally sensitive areas or locations near water bodies.


Many regulatory bodies and environmental agencies require the use of bunded tanks for storing fuel, especially in industrial and commercial settings. Choosing a bunded tank ensures compliance with these regulations, avoiding potential fines or penalties.


Bunded tanks are typically more durable and resistant to corrosion compared to single-skin tanks. The additional protective layer provided by the bund increases the lifespan of the tank, reducing maintenance costs over time.

Insurance Requirements

Some insurance companies may offer lower premiums for businesses or individuals using bunded tanks due to the reduced risk of environmental damage and liability associated with spills and leaks.

ATS Tanks

When it comes to choosing a bunded fuel tank, ATS Tanks, a division of WEC Group, shines for its specialisation in manufacturing bunded fuel tanks that adhere to the rigorous British Standards BS799 part 5 type J or K 20210 standard.

We prioritise customisation, working closely with our customers to design and build bunded fuel tanks that meet their exacting requirements.

Each tank is meticulously manufactured by our experienced team of experts and delivered directly to your site, ensuring quality and reliability every step of the way.

For your bunded fuel tank requirements, contact ATS Tanks, a leading UK fuel tank manufacturer committed to meeting your needs with exceptional quality and service.

ATS Tanks Bunded Fuel Tank Options

Rectangular bunded fuel tanks

Bespoke bunded fuel tanks

While our tanks are suitable for various needs, we recognise that unique requirements may arise. Take advantage of our bespoke service, where we collaborate to design and manufacture customised solutions tailored to your specific needs.